Five best and worst Nigeria album covers of 2016

Five best and worst Nigeria album covers of 2016


​The best album arts begin to connect the moment it commands your attention. An amazing image will endure in your mind, as it generates all the feelings that can be visualized mostly, by the album title and the content of the songs.

In Nigeria, we are in the age of social media hyper information, where the quest for more knowledge has made us become almost insensitive to the best pictures and images. But any album art which pierces through this thick film of photos and stands out is worthy of the best.

The opposite goes for the worst type of images used as album art. Dull and uninspiring, it lingers like a bad taste in the mouth, hanging on for longer than it should, and creating the worst kind of feelings with each sighting.

Pulse presents the 5 Best and Worst Nigerian Album Covers of 2016.

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