Adekunle Gold Claims His Not Fighting with Olamide, But He Is No...

Adekunle Gold Claims His Not Fighting with Olamide, But He Is No Longer At YBNL


There’s no bad blood between Adekunle Gold and Olamide. They have had a solid ride as family, and nothing is currently wrong with their relationship.
But yes, Adekunle Gold is no longer signed to YBNL. The rumors which has been carried around is true. The ‘Orente’ singer is no longer signed to Olamide. His contract is expired, and there has been no talks of a renewal. They have since uncoupled their businesses and moved on with a gret understanding, rooted in love, trust and goodwill.
How did this happen?
Olamide never signs an artist beyond two years. He finds talented young people, who are hungry to push forward in life with their passion. He signs them up, funds them and allows them the creative control to make music in every way they deem fit.
Look at the trend. Viktoh, Lil Kesh, and Adekunle Gold. They have all been through the school of Olamide’s coaching, and have come out exceptional artists. (All of them except Viktoh who still does not know what sort of music he wants to make with his fine face.)
But you get the drift. Lil Kesh left in 2016 on expiration of his contract. And Adekunle Gold is doing same in 2017. Although they still heavily associate with the YBNL label, which still manages their careers.
According to sources from Olamide’s camp who spoke to Pulse, Olamide himself does this from a good heart. Although it’s a sound business model, but love and a good heart takes the front foot. He gives you two years to blow, get your act together, and leave him. The only thing he demands from you is that you pay it forward by signing your own artist and growing the pool of successful people.

“Olamide has always maintained that stance.” Our source said. “He doesn’t want to hold any artist down. You have two years to grow and shine. Then leave and hand forward the baton. That way everyone grows.”

If all of these artists adopt this model and hands the baton of success forward, in no time, we would have a lot of successful young talents who will grow the positivity pool and create a wave of greatness and goodness. That’s why rapper Davolee was brought in as a replacement.

Adekunle Gold is being managed by YBNL management. And to be honest, he has never truly looked like he belonged. Where the brand YBNL conjures the impression of a house filled with Yoruba rappers doing ‘street music’, Adekunle Gold is an urban Highlife artist who has been able to play at the mainstream level.
Many fans do not even know that he is signed to YBNL. That’s how detached his brand is from YBNL. And although he will miss the funding from Olamide, he has become financially independent. And can handle his business now.
All of YBNL mentions have been taken off his pages, handles and profiles, and in the coming days he will launch his new business and record label. Goodluck to him.