Contrary to reports about iconic comedian and filmmaker, Moses Olaiya popularly known...

Contrary to reports about iconic comedian and filmmaker, Moses Olaiya popularly known as Baba Sala having died, it has been revealed that Baba is alive and well. Veteran comic actor, Baba Sala is not dead after all. This was disclosed by his son, Yemi, after new rumours of his death began to circulate online. Yemi maintained that the 82-year-old Moses Olaiya is alive. Its not true. I still spoke to him this morning. This man youre talking about is my biological father and its painful that this kind of thing goes on every time. At least Nigerian journalists should reach out to the family before publishing such stories. Baba Sala is fine and I, his son still spoke to him today. Although Baba Sala has had serious health issues in the past, he pulled through on each occassion and is quietly living the rest of his days in relative good health. Moses Olaiya is widely regarded as one of Nigerias most dynamic entertainers, with a career that spans comedy, drama and music.


Looks like mainstream media is now focusing on R.Kelly and this may end his career! Buzzfeed yesterday published a series of stories on his sexual encounters with teenagers which happened decades ago. Read the stories below…


In 2008, Jerhonda Johnson was a 15-year-old sophomore from Chicagos south suburbs who cut high school every day to attend R. Kellys trial on 14 counts of making child pornography. The R&B superstar had no bigger fan, and Johnson was quoted in national media stories defending her musical idol.

Now a 24-year-old mother of three with the married name Jerhonda Pace, she tells BuzzFeed News that after the trial, when she was 16, she became one of many women traumatized by a sexual relationship with Kelly. Her detailed and well-documented story of accepting cash settlements from the star in return for signing nondisclosure agreements, which has not been previously reported, illustrates how Kelly has been able to silence young women he has allegedly wronged.

Several individuals with firsthand knowledge of the situation have supported Paces claims.

And more from their report:

On June 5, 2009, Pace says Kelly invited her to come back to his mansion and sent an employee to pick her up in a black SUV. He told me that he wanted me to undress for him [and] walk back and forth like I was modeling, she says. The two then had oral sex and, Pace said in interviews with BuzzFeed News and her 2010 polygraph interview, Kelly made his first attempt to ensure that she did not talk about their sexual relationship by having her write out and sign letters stating that she had stolen jewelry and cash from him and that her parents had set her up to blackmail him. Pace says she did as instructed, but none of the charges were true.

On the next visit, on June 9, Pace says Kelly gave her an alcoholic drink he called Sex in the Kitchen, which is also the name of a song he released in 2005. I was drunk because I wasnt used to alcohol, Pace says. The two had intercourse; Pace says she was a virgin, and Kelly thought that was exciting.

Over the next seven months, Pace says she had sex with Kelly repeatedly, a claim she would later repeat during her settlement process.